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Dr. Samantha Walton

"My goal is to help as many people as possible, especially ones who have lost hope or cannot find answers."

Dr. Samantha Walton's first adjustment was as a newborn. Little did she know years later she would be taking the Chiropractic oath and walking across the stage as Dr. Samantha Walton. Even though she was adjusted as a newborn her next adjustment wouldn't come for 14 years. When Dr. Walton was 14, she became ill but none of the medical professionals could give her or her family any answers or explanation to why this was happening.

After countless different doctors and tests, her parents started looking outside the medical profession to try alternative and natural care. Through Chiropractic care, Acupuncture, and Iridology Dr. Samantha Walton was able to not only get answers but get a passion and life goal for helping others who could not find answers or help through traditional means.

“If I can help at least one person then it was all worth it.”

I share my experience with you because I feel it has given me the compassion and understanding to help others especially when their problem is not just black and white. It has changed my life—give it a try, it may be the one thing to change yours.

Dr. Nathan Walton

Most people assume Chiropractic is just for back or neck pain. What Dr. Nathan Walton was able to learn at an early age is that if one bone in the body is misaligned it will cause dysfunction which leads to compensation throughout the body causing more problems to present. That is exactly what happened to Dr. Walton when he was younger.

Dr. Nathan Walton first got introduced to Chiropractic after injuring his ankle while he was playing basketball in high school. He tried to play through the pain but eventually the pain traveled to his low back preventing him the ability to play at his optimal potential. When friends and family encouraged him to go and see a Chiropractor he decided that it was worth a try.

The Chiropractor explained that until he was able to get his ankle aligned properly that the rest of the body would compensate which caused his low back pain. Through Chiropractic care he was able to get back to playing basketball not only without pain but feeling better than before his injury.

Dr. Walton truly found his calling in life with Chiropractic. He loves to be able to help people reach their full potential and allow their bodies to work at an optimal level. Whether you have never been to a Chiropractor or have been going for years, come let Dr. Walton get you back to your ultimate best.